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Google Snaps Up On2

Posted by Mark Nelson on 5th August 2009 | 12 Comments »

This article in the Washington Post reports that On2 is being purchased by Google for $106 million in stock.

On2 has a really excellent video codec with some advantages over industry standards from Microsoft and the MPEG. But the relatively small price for a well-established and sporadically profitable company points out the difficulty faced when trying to sell video compression not backed by industry standards groups.

One often used metric on a buyout is the cash value per employee. In this case, it’s roughly $1.75M for each On2 employee. Just to contrast, earlier this year my employer, Cisco Systems Inc., acquired Pure Digital, makers of the Flip video recorder. In that case, the payout per employee was roughly $5.8M per head.

Probably not apples-to-apples, but something to think about.

Bijective BWT

Posted by Sachin Garg on 15th January 2008 | 37 Comments »

David Scott has written a bijective BWT transform, which brings all the advantages of bijectiveness to BWT based compressors. Among other things, making BWT more suitable for compression-before-encryption and also give (slightly) better compression.

Asymmetric Binary System

Posted by Sachin Garg on 17th December 2007 | 172 Comments »

Jarek Duda’s “Asymmetric Binary System” promises to be an alternate to arithmetic coding, having all the advantages, but being much simpler. Matt has coded a PAQ based compressor using ABS for back-end encoding. Update: Andrew Polar has written an alternate implementation of ABS.

Precomp: More Compression for your Compressed Files

Posted by Sachin Garg on 28th November 2007 | 9 Comments »

So many of today’s files are already compressed (using old, outdated algorithms) that newer algorithms don’t even get a chance to touch them. Christian Schneider’s Precomp comes to rescue by undoing the harm.

On2 Technologies is Hiring

Posted by Sachin Garg on 13th September 2007 | 11 Comments »

There aren’t too many companies working on cutting edge codecs, and of those few this one is hiring. Best of luck.

China’s AVS Specifications Available

Posted by Sachin Garg on 4th September 2007 | 3 Comments »

Its old news that China has developed their own Advanced Video Standard to avoid high licensing fees. English translation of the standard is now available, along with the IPR policy. Finally something technical that you can get your hands on to feed your appetite.

Data Compression Conference 2008, Call For Papers

Posted by Sachin Garg on 23rd August 2007 | 23 Comments »

If you are in any way interested in data compression, DCC is a place where you really want to be. Where else can you expect to meet so many people who can all get so excited about saving 5 more bytes. Submissions for DCC 2008 are due by November 12.

mpibzip2 - parallel bzip2 for cluster machines

Posted by Sachin Garg on 20th August 2007 | 4 Comments »

Jeff Gilchrist has released mpibzip2, a parallel implementation of the popular bzip2 block-sorting file compressor that uses MPI and achieves significant speedup on cluster machines.

After JPEG, now MP3 in Patent Mess

Posted by Sachin Garg on 7th May 2007 | 1 Comment »

After forgent’s JPEG patent claims, its Alcatel-Lucent’s claims on MP3. A US judge has approved a jury’s decision to award Alcatel-Lucent $1.52 billion after it ruled that Microsoft had infringed an audio technology patent.

JPEG2000 Security Standard, JPSEC

Posted by Sachin Garg on 6th May 2007 | Add Comment »

HP’s Susie Wee gives some insight on newly approved Part-8 of Jpeg2000 standard which deals with, among other things, intelligent encryption of Jpeg 2000 files. Susie has been working on media security for scalable media for some years now, and is a co-editor of the JPSEC standard.