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There are 4 Parallel bzip2 Implementations

Posted by Sachin Garg on 11th February 2006 | Permanent Link

A follow up to the recent pbzip2 update, I came across a few more similar solutions. None of these have been integrated (yet) in the official tree.

A Parallel (MPI) version, its also called pbzip2. This one doesn’t needs a multiprocessor or multicore machine. You can use multiple PCs on a network to collabrate with MPI. And there are two more SMP versions called BZIP2SMP and SMPBZIP2.

I wonder how all 4 of these compare to each other. I hope the benchmark maintainers are listening, they will like to take them for a test drive.

4 Responses to “There are 4 Parallel bzip2 Implementations”

  1. Antonio Says:

    pbzip2 creates _slightly_ larger files then the others. bunzip2 can decompress files written by pbzip2 and vice-versa. However using pbzip2 to decompress pbzip2 compressed files is much much faster. pbzip2 was the fastest compared to bzip2smp and smpbzip2 - but sadly does not support reading from streams or sockets.

  2. lacos Says:

    I’d appreciate if somebody with strong benchmarking experience and good test cases evaluated lbunzip2.

  3. Sachin Garg Says:

    Lacos, your work looks interesting. It would be really interesting to see comparisons of all these implementations.

    I am hoping that as all are opensource, the best ideas can probably be mixed up to get an even better implementation.

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