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    David Scott has written a bijective BWT transform, which brings all the advantages of bijectiveness to BWT based compressors. Among other things, making BWT more suitable for compression-before-encryption and also give (slightly) better compression.

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    Jarek Duda’s “Asymmetric Binary System” promises to be an alternate to arithmetic coding, having all the advantages, but being much simpler. Matt has coded a PAQ based compressor using ABS for back-end encoding. Update: Andrew Polar has written an alternate implementation of ABS.

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    So many of today’s files are already compressed (using old, outdated algorithms) that newer algorithms don’t even get a chance to touch them. Christian Schneider’s Precomp comes to rescue by undoing the harm.

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    There aren’t too many companies working on cutting edge codecs, and of those few this one is hiring. Best of luck.

Data Compression Conference 2008, Call For Papers

Posted by Sachin Garg on 23rd August 2007 | Permanent Link

If you are in any way interested in data compression, DCC is a place where you really want to be. Where else can you expect to meet so many people who can all get so excited about saving 5 more bytes :-)

Just like every year, this time too it will be held at Cliff Lodge, Snowbird, Utah on March 25 - 27, 2008. They have posted the call for papers, so if you have anything cooking, you better check out the details. Submissions are due by November 12.

Here is the description of what all the conference covers, straight from their website:

Held at the Cliff Lodge convention center in the beautiful Snowbird / Alta Ski areas; located a short ride from the Salt Lake City International Airport. It is an international forum for current work on data compression and related applications. The conference addresses not only compression methods for specific types of data (text, images, video, audio, medical, scientific, space, graphics, web content, etc.), but also the use of techniques from information theory and data compression in networking, communications, and storage applications involving large data sets (including image and information mining, retrieval, archiving, backup, communications, and HCI). Both theoretical and experimental work are of interest.

23 Responses to “Data Compression Conference 2008, Call For Papers”

  1. Nadav Kedem Says:

    Please send me more information

  2. Nadav Kedem Says:

    Could you send me registation / price information

  3. Sachin Garg Says:

    The fee is $485 for IEEE or affiliate members, $585 for non-members, and $385 for full-time students.

    For more information on registration:

  4. David Says:

    I am just beginning my research. Do you know where I might find some info on the market size for data compressed technology?

  5. Sachin Garg Says:

    Thats not a easy question to answer, I am not a marketing analyst and there is no ‘one’ data compression market :-)

    It will depend a lot on what ‘application’ you want your research to be used for, and then maybe look at size of that market. If its a very generic compression thing, then list all the applications that will have a compelling enough reason to use it (5% better compression is not compelling enough to make people stop using zip).

    I know I haven’t really answered your question but this is best I can do :-)

  6. Matt Mahoney Says:

    It is tough to compete with free software. Speaking from experience, you are better off giving your software away. If it is good, then opportunity will follow.

  7. Earl Colby Pottinger Says:

    You don’t even need to give away the compressor code! RAR seems to do well considering that only the decompressor is open-source.

    PKWare is still in business even with all the free zip utilities available out there.

    And so on.

  8. Sachin Garg Says:

    As far as I know, only the decompressor of an older version of RAR format is opensource.

  9. Earl Colby Pottinger Says:

    You are probably right. But that just proves the point too seeing how the early RAR decompressor started up being available for most OSes of the time.

    Give them a taste, don’t give out the family jewels, just a taste. And if your system is any good you will develop interest in your system even if it is closed source. On the other-hand if you try to lock everything and demand money/NDA to even let someone test your ideas, one should not be surprise if no-one bothers to look at your system.

  10. Sachin Garg Says:

    Yes, this makes sense.

  11. Benbelkacem Says:

    hello every one;
    i see am not the only one intrested in data compression
    i see that you have right all a long but i have 2 Questions :
    1- the compression method must be on just a paper in a forme of an algorithme or…
    2- in form of a program to taste it ?

  12. David A. Scott Says:

    I think the sad thing is usually you don’t get the software. If its like a paper I recently reviewed for IEEE they are just words. So the sad truth is if some one really has neat theory and real test results it could be rejected if a few reviews didn’t think it was true. If some one is a good writer you could quote some old papers claim you made improvements and if they think its true it would be published. Much better are things where there is actual code one can test. But its a fact if someone thinks they know more than you it still can get rejected because a lot of these people have eqo problems and are to lazy to verify code even if its supplied. Have you seem any papers on BWTS I have working code but until someone who is liked makes some BS paper it will not become mainstream very easily. Oh it will slowly get done. But if you write cyrpto its even less likely to get main streamed because the so called experts in that field have an easier time fooling the masses. I think keeping people ignorant of crypto must be a major function of all governments.

  13. Andrew Polar Says:

    I’m interested to see only certain people on the conference but they are not in the list of committee. From the names familiar to me I see only Khalid Sayood. How can I know who I expect to see there (who applied) and what may be topics of reports.

  14. Sachin Garg Says:

    The list of papers will be available on website many weeks before the conference, you can then also see the authors of those papers and check if it has the people you want to see.

    Ofcourse, there are many other people who might be there other than just the people presenting papers.

  15. Andrew Polar Says:

    Is fee refundable in case I decided not to come on any reason?

  16. Sachin Garg Says:

    I don’t know, maybe you can just email them and ask.

  17. David A. Scott Says:

    I will not likely be there unless its a cold day in hell and they want me to discuss BWTS or bijective compression methods. Also I don’t have cash to blow at such events. However if someone sponsors me I’d go.

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