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  • Google Snaps Up On2 (3 Comments)

  • Bijective BWT (28 Comments)

    David Scott has written a bijective BWT transform, which brings all the advantages of bijectiveness to BWT based compressors. Among other things, making BWT more suitable for compression-before-encryption and also give (slightly) better compression.

  • Asymmetric Binary System (169 Comments)

    Jarek Duda’s “Asymmetric Binary System” promises to be an alternate to arithmetic coding, having all the advantages, but being much simpler. Matt has coded a PAQ based compressor using ABS for back-end encoding. Update: Andrew Polar has written an alternate implementation of ABS.

  • Precomp: More Compression for your Compressed Files (5 Comments)

    So many of today’s files are already compressed (using old, outdated algorithms) that newer algorithms don’t even get a chance to touch them. Christian Schneider’s Precomp comes to rescue by undoing the harm.

  • On2 Technologies is Hiring

    There aren’t too many companies working on cutting edge codecs, and of those few this one is hiring. Best of luck.

On2 Technologies is Hiring

Posted by Sachin Garg on 13th September 2007 | Permanent Link

You can easily get a compression job where you implement the 1000th implementation of some 10 year old standard, or optimize some opensource codec for another hardware platform. But if you are looking for a place where you can get a chance to work on cutting edge codecs, there aren’t too many options.

On2 Technologies is known for its proprietary video codecs which are quite popular (like their VP6 codec used in Flash).

They have a few job openings posted on their website, in case you want to get in the door.

Best of luck.