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  • Google Snaps Up On2 (12 Comments)

  • Bijective BWT (37 Comments)

    David Scott has written a bijective BWT transform, which brings all the advantages of bijectiveness to BWT based compressors. Among other things, making BWT more suitable for compression-before-encryption and also give (slightly) better compression.

  • Asymmetric Binary System (172 Comments)

    Jarek Duda’s “Asymmetric Binary System” promises to be an alternate to arithmetic coding, having all the advantages, but being much simpler. Matt has coded a PAQ based compressor using ABS for back-end encoding. Update: Andrew Polar has written an alternate implementation of ABS.

  • Precomp: More Compression for your Compressed Files (9 Comments)

    So many of today’s files are already compressed (using old, outdated algorithms) that newer algorithms don’t even get a chance to touch them. Christian Schneider’s Precomp comes to rescue by undoing the harm.

  • On2 Technologies is Hiring (11 Comments)

    There aren’t too many companies working on cutting edge codecs, and of those few this one is hiring. Best of luck.

Archive for April, 2006 sues Apple over iPod

23rd April 2006

TGDaily: Claims include “signal compression and intermediate storage in an integrated circuit, random access memory” and “capabilities to transmit and receive program information in either a compressed or decompressed format over fiber optic lines, conventional phone lines or microwaves.”

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JPEG death seems imminent

19th April 2006

The use of the JPEG format is becoming so mired in patent snarls that it is quickly becoming an albatross around the necks of any companies doing imaging.

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Infima - The best executed compression fraud

12th April 2006

There have been many compression frauds which have captured interests and bagged huge investments from stupid investors, but none of them had come close to convincing anyone knowledgeable in this domain. Infima did managed to get attention and get kudos from everyone, but only for a few days.

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MindSpring Announces Data Miniaturization Extension for QUALCOMM’s BREW Solution

10th April 2006

Press Release: The WindSpring DMT extension for BREW permanently reduces mobile phone applications into the Micro Data Format (MDF), which unlike compression, enables full data access and manipulation (including high-speed seek, search, edit and display) while miniaturized, without the need to enlarge the data to its original size.

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Smith Micro Announces StuffIt Image, an Innovative Compression Solution for the Digital Imaging Marketplace

10th April 2006

Press Release: StuffIt Image Includes Patent Pending JPEG Compression, Strong Encryption, along With a Host of Other Innovative Lossy and Lossless Image Compression Technologies.

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WinRAR 3.60 Beta 1 Released

10th April 2006

Press Release: Multithreaded version of RAR compression algorithm improves the compression speed on computers with several CPUs, dual core CPU and processors with hyper threading technology.

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Forgent Drops Suit Against Xerox

8th April 2006

InformationWeek: Both sides remain quiet on the terms of the settlement.

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Acacia Technologies Enters into License Agreement with Fujitsu

8th April 2006

Press Release: Acacia Research Corporation announced a license agreement with Fujitsu General Limited covering patents that apply to Audio/Video Enhancement and Synchronization, and Image Resolution Enhancement technologies.

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Aware Inc. Commends Adoption of JPIP by DICOM as the Client/Server Transport Protocol Standard for Medical Imaging

8th April 2006

Press Release: JPIP, Part 9 of the JPEG 2000 standard, now provides a DICOM-compliant protocol for ultra-efficient client/server transport and viewing of JPEG 2000 medical images.

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ADIC buying data compression company

8th April 2006

Press Release: Advanced Digital Information Corp. said that it is buying Australian Rocksoft Ltd. for $63 million, for its data compression technology. Rocksoft’s software removes duplicated data from stored information and can effectively compress that data up to 20 times.

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